A Message From San Diego CMA:

In response to the current health crisis, San Diego Crystal Meth Anonymous has discontinued public meetings until further notice in order to protect the health of our members.  However, we are holding meetings online and you’ll find links on our meeting schedule page.

If you are a newcomer, and believe you have a problem with crystal meth, or are interested in learning more about CMA, we encourage you to reach out through the email link or phone number on this site.  We regret that we are unable to meet you in-person at a meeting, but we are always available to offer support and guidance wherever we can.  Please feel free to join our online meetings-you are welcome always.

Online Meetings

Who Are We?

San Diego Crystal Meth Anonymous is a California non-profit, public benefit corporation formed to assist anyone seeking help for their addiction to crystal meth.  We are recovering crystal meth addicts who share our experience, strength and hope with those who wish to stop the cycle of addiction.  We volunteer our time and dedicate our talents to carry the message of recovery through the 12 Steps of Crystal Meth Anonymous.  We believe in the work we do because we have lived through the horror of addiction and have discovered a common solution.

The San Diego District for Crystal Meth Anonymous serves the local San Diego County CMA meetings.  In addition, we facilitate meetings at hospitals and institutions and conduct public outreach.